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Our sat tracking (HamCom-270) device is the ultimate piece of hardware that every Amateur Radio enthusiast requires.  We can guarantee that the performance, capabilities and easy access are all built in our unique system. The sat tracking system (HamCom-270) is compact and easy to assemble with two options when purchasing.

The first option, is a self assembly kit and with limited electronics knowledge and is a very reasonably priced product.

The second option means the unit arrives already assembled and ready to go and again within easy cost for the enthusiast.

Bluetooth Light weight Low Earth Orbiting satellite tracking system. The aim of our product is to introduce ham radio operators or short wave listeners (SWL)  to working 2m/70cm satellites. The unit is 1 Deg accurate on its elevation and less then 2.5 Deg accurate on azimuth. There are also matching antennas to go with the unit and with the recent launch of the Fun Cube A0-73, or even listening or communicating with the ISS, the system will work with most software HRD, Obitron, Simple Sat, PSTRotator etc and most software as it has the GS-232 protocol built in.

The HamCom-270 has just recently  been posted on the the SOUTHGATE Amateur Radio News.
Screen shots using the (Simplesat satellite tracking program)
Screen shots using the (Orbitron satellite tracking program)
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